A recent change was made to the business. We have dropped the repair of Amateur Radio equipment. This change may be fairly temporary. If the status changes, this website will be updated to reflect the change. Thanks for all the past radio repair business.


PROFESSIONAL REPAIR SERVICES: If you want your equipment repaired right the first time around, then you have come to the right place.

After repair, your equipment will be powered up for several hours and undergo testing to insure proper operation. All equipment is treated with TLC and serviced in a "non-smoking" environment.

Read what our customers have to say about our service at eHam Reviews.

For airport runway lighting systems repair, see our labor rates listed below.

HAM RADIO AND CONSUMER ELECTRONICS REPAIR LABOR RATE: $55 per hour. (There is a one hour minimum charge) On average, equipment repairs are complete in 1.5 ~ 2 hours, possibly 2.5 ~ 5 hours for units with really tough problems. We will be reasonable about the charges, not exceeding the estimate without your authorization. E-mail us at repairs@westonelectronics.com with your model and a description of the problem and we can usually give you an idea of the average cost of repairs. The repair estimate charge is based on the hourly rate. The more modern and complicated equipment, or lightning or shipment damaged equipment, will typically end up with a higher estimate.

ALIGNMENT LABOR RATE: There is a large variation in the time that it takes to align radios.  It differs greatly from one model to another, even within the same brand and class of radio (ie. HF, VHF, etc.). So alignments will be charged at our standard hourly rate ($55/hr). 

If it is found, during alignment, that repairs are required in order to bring the equipment into alignment, you will be contacted in order to approve the repairs, and charges, before the work is completed. If repairs are declined, the alignment charge will still be billed due to time spent.

RUNWAY LIGHTING SYSTEMS LABOR RATE: The onsite labor rate is $75 per hour.  For parts requiring bench repair, a rate of $65 per hour will be charged plus the price of parts used and any shipping charges.  Travel time will be charged at the $65 per hour rate.  All onsite, or bench repair, labor rates carry a one hour minimum charge.

WARRANTEE: For ham radios, we warrantee our work for a period of 30 days from the day that the item is shipped back to you. We stand behind our work.

List of models that we work on: A business decision has been made to only work on the Yaesu brand of radios. This is a list of the specific models that we will repair: FT-2000, FT-950, FT-450, FT-920, FT-1000 (the MP series only), FT-990, FT-980, FT-900, FT-767, FT-736R

Equipment that we won't work on: We will only work on the equipment listed above.


How do I get started on having equipment repaired by you?

E-mail us for consultation before shipping a piece of equipment in for repair. This serves to get your name added to our repair work list, and will save your place in line should we get backed up. We can also give you an idea on repair turnaround time. To e-mail us: repairs@westonelectronics.com

Do you work on VHF, UHF equipment and HTs'?

We no longer work on VHF, UHF, or HT equipment.

Shipping and Billing Instructions:

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the equipment owner.

E-mail communication is preferred and carried on five days per week, excluding holidays. Response times will typically run 2 ~ 3 days, depending on our mail load.  Please include your name, call-sign, and subject of inquiry (brand, model number, etc.) along with a brief description of the problem.

Our shipping address is:

Weston Electronics
1649 Concord Road
Concord, Ga. 30206

Our billing and correspondence address is:

Weston Electronics
PO Box 294
Concord, Ga. 30206

......Email is used exclusively for communication. That way I have a record of what was agreed to with the customer. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment methods accepted are:
Personal check, money order and PayPal e-payment. Please allow a few business days for a personal check or money order to clear our bank before the item ships. Credit Card payment accepted too, but only on-line through the Paypal system. (You do not need an account with PayPal to pay us through their service.)

Not familiar with PayPal? It's a great service, check them out at http://www.paypal.com

Below is a representative list of the specific equipment that we have repaired in the past:

Yaesu:   FT-7B, FT-101B, FT-101E/EE/EX, FL2100B, FT-1000D,    FT-1000MP, Mark V, & Field, FT-920, FT-2000, FT-757,   FT-450,   FT-736R, FT-817, FT-840, FT-900, FT-901D,    FT-980, FT-990, FT-7800, FT-2800, FT-7100,    FT-2400, FT-8900, FT-757GX/GXII, FT-767GX (have extender boards for repair and alignment of the vhf/uhf modules)

Kenwood: TS-930, TS-830, TS-820S, TS-850,     TS-430S, TS-440, TS-120, TS-140, TS-700A,    TS-530, TS-520S, TM-733, TM-331, TM-621, TR-7850

Icom: IC-756, IC-756 PRO III, IC-736, IC-746, IC-745, IC-751A, IC-820, IC-901A, IC-290H

Alinco: DX-70, DX-77, DJ-580, DR-600

ADI: AR-247

Standard: C5718DA, C228A

Hallicrafters: SX-100, SX-101, S-85, SX-71, SX-73, S-38, S-38E, SX-28A, HT-32A

Hammarlund: SP600-JX17, HX-50, HQ-140

E. F. Johnson: Viking Valiant, Viking Ranger

National: NC-183

Collins: 75A1, 32V2, KWM-2, ART-13

Gonset: G-66, G-77A

Drake: TR-4

RCA: RCA500 UHF Repeater

TenTec: 540, Hercules 444 Amplifier

Heathkit: SB-102, SB-301, SB-401, HW-101, SB-630, SB-220 Amplifier, SB-200 Amplifier,  SB-1000 Amplifier

Midland: 13-513

Dentron: Clipperton-L Amplifier, MLA2500 Amplifier

Amp Supply:   LK500ZC Amplifier

Henry: 2K-4A Amplifier

Mirage: VHF Amplifier, UHF Amplifier

Runway Lighting: ADB Alnaco(Siemens) PAPI Lights, ADB Alnaco(Siemens) MALSR Approach Lights, ADB Alnaco(Siemens) Runway Lighting CCR, Crouse-Hinds(Cooper) PAPI Lights, ADB Alnaco(Siemens) Radio Control and Timing System, Fuel Farm Control and Credit System

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