A recent change was made to the business.  We have dropped the repair of Amateur Radio equipment.  This change may be fairly temporary.  If the status changes, this website will be updated to reflect the change.  Thanks for all the past radio repair business.

Welcome to Weston Electronics, specializing in Airport Runway Lighting Systems repairs. Providing professional repairs for your electronic equipment.  We have 34 years of electronics experience and a complete line of professional test and calibration equipment. If you need repairs, please contact Weston Electronics.  We are located in the state of Georgia, USA.   

 Our founder, Jim Weston, has many years of experience in the technology arena.  As you'll read on the 'About Us' page, Jim is an expert electronics technician and an experienced business manager.

We now have a new division of our business that is oriented around the maintenance of Airport Lighting Systems.  Please check the ‘Repair Services’ page for details.

Thank you again for visiting our website and considering us for your amateur radio and lighting service needs.

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